Friday, June 6, 2008

How to Rust Metal bells, safety pins, stick pins, etc......

There are a few different ways to rust metal BUT this is the best way I know of without worrying about the disposal of harsh chemicals:

I have tried this process many times and with trial and error I have found that the expensive bells, safety pins, and stick pins DO NOT RUST, the more expensive products have a shellac coating on them and will not rust unless you sand each of them first, so the best thing to do in my opinion is to buy the cheapest product to save time and money!!

First, take 1c. bleach and put it into a container, I use a old pickle jar and it works perfectly. Then put your jingle bells, liberty bells, cow bells, safety pins or what have you into the jar. Make sure not to add too many, you want them all to be covered.

Wait 24 hours, after the 24 hours has elapsed drain the bleach into the you have a cleaner too!!

Next add 1c. white vinegar, again make sure all of your items are covered. Now add a healthy does of salt (just plain salt will do) . Again wait 24 hours.

Now, drain the vinegar/salt mixture down the kitchen sink.....yep another cleaner. Vinegar will eliminate any lingering odors, so let the mixtures sit in the sink for a while.

The Final step is to line a baking sheet or pizza pan with wax paper. Lay your bells, pins, ect on the paper and take them out into the sun. The metal will rust as they dry............leave them there for several hours for the best appearance, the longer the better.

Ta Da! YOUR DONE...............Now you have avoided the worry of disposing of a harmful and to say the least smelly chemical., and also got several uses out of the mixture.

Have fun and have fun rusting...................
Information and Technique gathered from "Old World Primitives"


old world primitives said...

Hi Heather,
Glad to hear that my rust recipe worked for you too!!

Heather said...

Yes, It was awesome! I am glad I came across your recipe; I had tried so many and this was the easiest with the best results, hands down!!

I am glad you replied, because for the life of me I could not remember where I picked up on the recipe!

could you send me a link if you revisit, so I can add it to blog....for now I will just add your name(o:

old world primitives said...

Here is your source - it was my blog post called:

How to Rust Primitive Bells, Safety Pins, or Other Tin Items

Nannies primitives said...

This recipie is ALL over the internet. It works great. Thank you

Montana said...

Ladies, Have any of you tried this during winter in colder climates? If it's between 20-40F outside and sunny, will they still rust when laid outside? Thanks for sharing any experiences!